Shanghai Garment Group of Functional specialty services to open the domestic market

Changes in mode of development, increase the technology content of clothing, development of functional clothing market – at the occasion of its 60th birthday, Shanghai Garment Group to produce a brilliant results: in 2009, the group overcome the financial crisis on the foreign owners the impact of the industry to achieve contrarian, the main revenue grew 10.6%, this year’s main business revenue is expected to reach 2.15 billion yuan. As a type of traditional clothing manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Garment Group had the birth of China’s first professional model demonstration team, founded China’s first apparel specialty newspapers, has developed China’s first clothing technical standards, developed China’s first a set of apparel computer-aided design systems, the first to bear the internationally renowned fashion designers and fashion trends releases, lead designed the leaders attending the APEC meeting, “China filled” … … Rely on a strong scientific support, research and development of functional specialty apparel, Shanghai Garment Group in the traditional garment industry out of a string in the interpretation of “modern notes.” On the clothes Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. has independently developed the patented technology of a new generation of five multi-layer fire suit. This is the first in the successful development of a “fire-retardant insulation, waterproof breathable composite fabric”, the original single-layer insulation thickness of 2.94 millimeters, thinning the layer collapse is only 1.67 millimeters, weight per square meter from the original 150 grams, reduced to 90 grams. According to authoritative data, the product-related inspection of all 88 qualified, major technical indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level. Deal with the financial crisis, Shanghai Garment Group to actively expand the domestic market, the main business in the domestic market share has increased from 10% to 20%. At present, the fire service, emergency services, tank clothing, medical protective clothing, anti-bacterial insect field service and other functions of clothing, has been sold to more than 10 provinces, municipalities, fire units and oil enterprises. Among them, the new fire service also received the European Union Fire service quality management system certification, direct access to the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries, government procurement tenders through the market. At the same time, Shanghai Garment Group will work with Donghua University and other institutions to establish a production and research cooperation, and vigorously borrow “brain” and using creative design to enhance the level of apparel products. Today, the Group has three innovative parks with a total area of 2.4 thousand square meters, business occupancy rate above 80%. Most of these companies for the design, marketing, foreign trade and clothing-related creative industries, many of whom Belle Shoes, A & D clothing, textile, and other famous enterprises Shun pills. It is understood that the group is promoting the “Shanghai has of Maotai Road” Clothing engineering and construction of two creative parks, commercial buildings and the expansion of clothing suits Group Exhibition Center will be the welcoming bright March 25. The past three years, Shanghai Garment Group already has 114 of the patented technology, including inventions, utility model patents accounted for 17% of annual investment in R & D expenditures to maintain double-digit growth. Three-year development plan in the group to see, GPS satellite positioning function of clothes, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, anti-bacteria anti-virus multi-functional fabrics and many other research and development of new products have been included in the directory, some of them have embarked on research and development.

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Magick Spells For Weight Loss

When our world was young, people had to forage for food and water so that they and their family would survive. As humans found methods of preserving food, it became easy to eat during winter months when food was scarce.

However, with the advent of shops and supermarkets, it has become so easy to get food and stock in our homes that many of us have surplus food that we have no qualms throwing away. While one part of the world suffers from devastating poverty, another part of the world has obesity in epidemic proportions.

It is easy to lose weight if we have the right attitude. As in every other thing we do, it is our eagerness and self-confidence that will propel us to lose weight and reach our goals.

Title Fabrics & Readymade Garments Wear The Perfect Attire

Fashion technology seems to be growing very rapidly. Each individual want to go with the trend and fashion and hence wear the most fashionable attire. Whatever we wear depicts our individuality. Our persona is reflected by the kind of cloth we wear.

With changing time, type of clothes changes. Everyone goes with the fashion and grab the latest attire. Be it readymade garments, fabrics or anything, whatever is new and fashionable, people rush to have it.

Be it a man, woman or a kid, all of us wants to look the best one and hence we have our own choice and preferences. This has given rise to multiple industries. Companies engaged in the production of clothes, keep on researching what is new and hire the best fashion designer so that can deliver the best possible clothes to the world.


Manufacturing Process Of Zippers

Evolution of Zippers:

Zipper is the brain child of Mr. Whitcomb Judson. It was introduced in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fairthen with the name ‘Clasp Locker’. Gideon Sundback, an electrical engineer, who was hired to work for the Company designed the modern zipper in 1913. This zip had ten or eleven fastening elements (old one had only four) for an inch, two facing tows of teeth that can be pulled into one piece by the slider and increased opening for the teeth. The infamous zip came into existence, when B. F. Goodrich Company, wanted to use it for their new product boots. They renamed it as zipper which is in practice till today. It took twenty long years for the fashion industry to get convinced and accept zippers as a part of the garment.

Initially, during 1930s zippers were featured in childrens clothing complementing them for helping children to dress up quickly and by themselves. Zippers came into limelight in 1937 through the French fashion designers who used them on mens trousers. Esquire magazine described the zippers as “Newest Tailoring Idea for Men” The next big boost for zippers came when they were used on jackets and could be opened on both ends.

Find Best Garment Exporters In India

Few garment exporters in India have global presence to cater to international market. However just a small number of these garment exporters are strategically located giving access to niche markets for their quality products and services that are in demand. Specializing in direct wholesale and distribution in global markets with honesty and integrity have placed just few of the garment exporters India on top of the industry. These companies have good specialised teams who offer professional services to clients. Open communication and loyalty to clients is what sets them apart from other garment exporters. Superior quality and on time delivery are strictly followed to ensure that customers get value for their money. What do they offer? Reputed garment exporters India offer an assortment of clothing such as children’s garments, women’s garments, men’s garments, uniforms for industries like healthcare, schools, hotels, manufacturing companies, corporate houses, industrial units, security agencies, etc, soft furnishings like bed-sheets, embroidered pillow covers, bathrobes, towels, napkins, table covers, etc. Customers can customize their clothing and clothing accessories, they can also request personalizing the accessories. Apart from garment, garment exporters also deal in men, women and kids footwear such as school, sports and fashion footwear, uniform accessories such as cap peaks, die cut labels, badges, name badges, medals, belts, emblems, banners, flags, whistle, school badges, cords, tassels, etc. They can be custom made according to the client’s specifications and in any colours. Only reputed garment exporters guarantee good quality and durability of all their products. Wholesale Clothing India: If you are planning to establish a retail clothing unit, it is good to first look for a wholesale clothing India distributor who can guarantee highest quality products, good price and on time delivery. Deep discounts maybe a lure but only a good garment exporter with a global presence can provide high quality products. Therefore choose the one who has carved a niche in the international industry and can guarantee satisfying services to customers, right from purchasing to shipping the products.

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